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The Value of a Digital Detox

We are nearly half-way through ‘Scroll-free September’ which was launched on the 1st of September with a view to ensuring that we take back some control over own lives by cutting back or even quitting social media.

It’s similar to ‘Dry January’ and Scroll Free September aims to have you spend less time on your screens and more time on your relationships.

That message is an important one, especially to an organisation such as ours, The Ashford Mediation Service.

Many of the problems we encounter are between family members who have lost the ability to understand each other’s point of view and even more importantly, to communicate their concerns and bridge the generation divide.

Speaking of generations, one of our team has recently seen some research on the ‘Millennial’ generation-those born between 1981-1996.

This generation has grown up being the first ‘digitally aware’ generation and are much more highly active than other generations when it comes to active social media use, sharing and needing validation through external channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. These new ‘social values’ mean that Millennials have very different goals to their predecessors. They are chronic Googlers and zealous self-trackers, tracking not only their every moment and interest, but those of others as well.

One of the interesting points about the research was that all generations are spending more and more time using various digital channels and the ‘art of conversation’ in the face to face sense, is happening less and less.

We encourage people to spend a little less time scrolling the whole year ‘round and more time connecting with their family and friends in the old -fashioned face to face way.

You will be surprised to learn that public health organisations think that if you do, you will sleep better, be happier and improve your well-being.

We think you will improve your relationships as well.

Sue Pitt
Ashford Mediation Service

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