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Ashford’s Secret Service

No, not a branch of MI5 in County Square, but a free service for all residents of Ashford Borough.

Free? That can’t be right, but it is. Residents are being offered an important and free service that could possibly very much improve their lives and it is only a phone call, email or tweet away.

All of us have had, at one time or another, conflict in our lives. Many of us are able to solve our differences with our families or our neighbours but sometimes, we come to an impasse and a resolution doesn’t seem anywhere in sight.

Enter Ashford Mediation Service.

The Service is run by trained volunteer mediators and a Board of Trustees. It is a charity partly funded by Ashford Borough Council and can help with all manner of disputes including those between families, parents and children (over 7); neighbours, disputes in the workplace, boundary disputes and other community and family disputes.

It’s simple to contact the Service and once you do, they will work with all parties involved in the dispute to try to resolve the matter. Two trained volunteers who are independent and impartial will attend to support the case.  You will have an opportunity to explain why the dispute is a problem and how its affecting your life.  They will then work with you and the other party to help you come to a resolution.

Disputes often cost everyone legal fees and can drag on for months if not years. The Ashford Mediation Service doesn’t charge for services and could be a very good first port of call to resolve any conflict that you are experiencing.

Sue Pitt, Chair of the Board of Trustees said, ‘We have been successful in over 80% of the cases we have managed for the 126,000 people who live in the Ashford Borough Council area. We have served the Borough Council for over twenty-one years and look forward to helping anyone with the conflict they are experiencing-please contact us at our website: or contact us by calling us on 01233896237.

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