AMS Volunteer Mediator Job Description

Ashford Mediation Service


Job description for Volunteer Mediator


Job Title:


Travel Allowance:

You may claim your travel expenses (40p per mile)

Responsible to:

Chairman of the Board, Ashford Mediation Service


In and around Ashford Borough Council area

Position Purpose

To provide a service of mediation to those experiencing  conflict in the Borough of Ashford.


AMS will provide and organise all the training you will need in order to operate as a mediator. No specific qualification or previous experience is required to apply for the post however you should be able to develop your ability to demonstrate the core competences set out below and which are a prerequisite of the role.

Position Specification


  • To operate at all times within AMS’s Good Practice Guidelines, equal opportunities policy and ethical policy framework
  • Take responsibility for arranging meetings with parties either directly or through our administrative office.
  • Visit clients in their homes, listen to them and help them decide on the most appropriate course of action towards a resolution of their situation
  • Work with both parties to help them to communicate their needs to one another and find a mutually acceptable way to resolve their difficulties
  • Work with parties individually to help them prepare for a meeting or empower them to identify other ways the situation could be improved.
  • Manage joint party mediation meetings and shuttle mediation sessions between parties
  • Complete appropriate administrative forms relating to cases and inform the office of case progress
  • Take note of communications from the office and respond promptly to them
  • Take part in support and supervision sessions and at least two additional CPD training sessions per year organised and funded by AMS

Willing to contribute to the development of the service through feedback and attending meetings where possible.

Personal Specification

Specification Essential Desirable
Experience No experience needed
Skills/Abilities The ability to listen well, paying attention to both words and body language
The ability to remain completely neutral and impartial when hearing only one side or conflicting stories
Give and receive constructive comments and feedback
The ability to manage own emotions and to keep calm when others are upset
Maintain confidentiality and understand professional boundaries
Able to understand and assess a situation and make appropriate decisions
Establish and maintain effective working relationships
Understand written and spoken English and able to communicate clearly in English
The ability to understand and to speak other languages would be useful
The ability to communicate with people professionally n person, and over the phone
Can demonstrate empathy – (an insight into how the speaker views or experiences matters
The ability to recognise and changing own assumptions and prejudice
The ability to work with diversity.
Able to travel to clients without relying on partner mediator. ( car drivers preferred )
To be regularly available to meet time commitment required of Ashford Mediation volunteers (approx. 8 hours a month)
Easily contactable and willing to respond quickly to messages from office/your co-mediator
Personal Qualities Awareness of own strengths and weaknesses
Basic self-confidence and a willingness to appropriately challenge others
Willing to confront discrimination (race, gender, disability, orientation or age)
Reliable and committed- e.g. will always keep appointments


Aware of the value of not judging, and to speak and act in a non-judgemental way
Respectful of other’s life experiences and life styles
Flexible – willing to change the way one works according to the demands of the situation, open to examining personal outlook and adapting
Demonstrates initiative and is able to work well with others




Appendix 1: About AMS

In 1997 Ashford Mediation Service was established to promote, for the public benefit and for the better preservation of public order, the provision of a mediation service area covered by Ashford Borough Council.  We work with individuals, organisations, authorities or groups involved in or likely to become involved in, dispute or conflict which results from or may lead to acts of nuisance, vandalism, racial abuse, unlawful activity, breach of the peace or breakdown of public order and to advance the education of the public.


Our trained volunteer mediators act as peace-makers, helping members of the community to reach a mutually acceptable solution to their problems. Our aim is to help people to live in harmony together in peaceful communities.


As a provider of direct/only mediation service on community mediation is committed making communities safer by promoting and developing the provision of alternative methods of dispute resolution.




An Independent Mediation Service Registered Charity No. 1065625