What Can I Expect?

    Office:  01233 896237  (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 09.00-14.30) or 
    Mobile: 07775 398907

Ring the Manager, or contact us via this site to ask any questions you wish.

If you decide to try mediation we will arrange for two of our mediators to meet with you to hear your account of things.

If you agree, they will then offer to contact the other party to see if they wish to see us to give their view of the situation. Your neighbour of course has the right to refuse.

In some cases, if both parties are willing, a ‘face to face’ meeting may be arranged at a neutral place, where you both can meet, with the mediators, to seek an agreed solution.

Everything that is discussed is confidential. Mediators are totally impartial making no judgements on the rights and wrongs of any issues raised.

Ashford Mediation Service is an independent organisation and our services are free.