Becoming a Mediator

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Becoming a community mediator 

Being a community mediator is an exciting and stimulating activity. As you may imagine, you come into contact with situations which could be sad, stressful and difficult.

Your role in these situations is positive and you will often see the direct result of the time you have spent with the clients listening, encouraging and calming them. However, you should feel confident that support is available should things get tough, or when you feel that you are not functioning at your best.
Skills of a Mediator

Skills: Listening and general communication: bulding rapport: assestiveness: facilitation: problem solving: conflict management: presentation skills: management of the mediation process.

Qualities: Understanding of people and situations; ability to learn from experience; genuineness; openness to other people; impartiality; self awareness; flexibility; balance; ability to analyse; professionalism; commitment to equal opportunities. 
Voluntary Mediators are people who have the above qualities. The skills are taught to them by means of a professional training course. This enables them to work in the community and build an understanding between people from different backgrounds and with different values. Mediators never offer a solution to a problem. Their job is to empower the disputing parties to build their own solution. Mediators try to promote situations in which everyone can win. 

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